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For furniture that will last for decades, buy British.

For furniture that will last for decades, buy British.   It’s tough to run a business, any business. Especially when you’re faced with many competitors selling similar, imported products with a cheaper price tag.     Fortunately at Lucy Willow we are too not fazed by this. Instead, we are driven by the fact that our British furniture is far superior to what you might find on the high street. That is why we won’t be defeated and jump on the import bandwagon.       Did you know...   We manufacture all our British-made furniture in our own factory here in England. We don’t admit to being the cheapest but ..

Lucy Willow and the decadent world of French furniture.

Lucy Willow and the decadent world of French furniture. At Lucy Willow, we take huge pride in our collection of French style furniture. We love this luxurious genre for its statement design and ability to transform any room.   French furniture has endured for centuries and it’s little wonder why. Charming, sophisticated, stunning, luxurious. It has all the decadence without compromising on comfort.   There are many historical French periods defined by the furniture that filled them. Perhaps the most recognisable of these is Rococo.     A little less opulent than its predecessor, Baroque, the Rococo style, seen in our Ke..

Lucy Willow goes the extra mile when creating handmade to order British furniture.

Lucy Willow goes the extra mile when creating handmade to order British furniture. French style furniture will always be a passion of mine. Afterall, it was the beauty of this genre that inspired me to start my own business.     Since those early days however, we have expanded the Lucy Willow range in line with our customers needs. We realised that British made furniture is high on your list of requirements too, so introduced something homegrown and timeless.       Our Cambridge, Dartmouth and Dovecot Collections are the result. All are handmade to order by master craftsmen here in the UK and have been designed to last for decades and beyond. Using care..

A golden hand carved bed. A positively palatial resting place...

A golden hand carved bed. A positively palatial resting place... My favourite time of year is almost upon us and my thoughts are already drifting towards the dazzling palette of golds, greens and all in between.   It is a captivating season filled with colour so vivid that I know I will struggle to tear myself away from the delightful display of nature’s riches!   Of all the colours we will see, I love gold most of all for its shameless beauty.   However, despite never looking out of place when dripping from the trees in autumn, it can be a tricky addition to the home. But done well, it will lift a room to dizzying heights.   Our Ke..

Create a continental twist with fabulous French-style furniture.

Create a continental twist with fabulous French-style furniture. Welcome to Lucy Willow and thank you for popping in to see us!   Our brand new website is now brimming with stunning French-style furniture and contemporary collections too. From the opulent Silver Leaf and winter white Chateau, to the country-style Cambridge collection, there is something to suit all tastes, we’re sure.     I have long loved this genre of furniture and really adore what I do, so you can rest assured that whatever we sell has been carefully selected to match the luxury of our brand.   I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing a gold leaf armoire, or..

If businesses were like children...

When I started out in business, children’s beds didn’t really figure in my plan. In those days it was all about French-style furniture for the home. From elegant chaise longues to carved and mirrored armoires, I had romance, opulence and luxury in mind. I was a new mum at the time so you might think that babies were all I could manage to think about. However, it seems I must have been craving something far, far removed from the piles of nappies, cuddly toys and general alien paraphernalia that had invaded my home!     To satisfy my wants, I did invest in a beautiful linen upholste..

Choose a token for the teacher with Little Lucy Willow.

The month of July has now begun and the summer holidays are almost within reach! With this in mind, also looming is the age old dilemma of what to buy for the teacher…   Before I became a school mum, in those heady days when I was young, free, childless and single, I recall having the same discussion with my sister when her daughter was in reception.   It was Christmas time and she was ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over a candle or a bottle of fizz. (I know, the good old days of simple pressies eh?) I think she opted for the candle in the end, but no thanks to me. I was too busy rantin..

Beautiful children’s storage makes for beautiful tidy bedrooms.

When the sun comes out you want to be outside with it. The trouble is, more often than not, there are other things to washing up? the dreaded ironing perhaps?   If you’re anything like me, when there are jobs to be done you can’t just sit around and be all ‘chillaxed’ (as they say...). You want to enjoy the nice weather, but you just have to do those jobs. Otherwise you’ll be lying on your lounger, tapping your fingers, ‘casually’ humming and mentally planning how you are going to attack said jobs once the sun has gone in (deep breath) therefore willing the sun to go in so yo..

Get Yourself ‘Summer Ready’ with Little Lucy Willow

The sun is finally shining (albeit intermittently!), the flowers are blooming and the end of term is well within sight.   So now is the time to make sure your bedrooms are ready for the sunshine too.   Try bunting for the fun factor, mirrors to reflect the glorious light and and bright, white bedding to set the summer scene. Here at Little Lucy Willow we have all of the above to make your child’s bedroom the perfect sunny sanctuary.   Our gorgeous organic duvet sets, for girls and boys alike, are a great compliment to the season, featuring everything from stars to owl..

It’s Father’s Day! Beer, bikes and barbecues at the ready…

Father’s day. The day when dads get beer, socks and comedy underpants then spark up the barbie for a feast. I don’t really know why we choose to stereotype dads so much in this, the age of equality. Luckily they never complain and just get on with it. Laden with useless gadgets and a wacky tie, they simply suck it up and smile. Can you imagine us being so gallant? We can barely hide our menacing grins when those garage-bought chrysanthemums rear their ugly heads (yet again). Have you looked at what the shops have on offer for Father’s Day? Gadgets, alcohol, underwear and sport just a..

Can’t sleep? Lying awake in the early hours could actually be doing you some good…

Insomnia is a terrible thing. Extremely frustrating, exceptionally boring and utterly soul destroying. If you’re anything like me, it always throws up the same three possibilities. A little walk around the house. You read somewhere this will make you sleepy again, until you realise your mind is alert but your body is like a dead weight and couldn’t carry you to the kitchen if there was a freshly baked batch of chocolate muffins screaming to be scoffed. Finishing that chapter you started at bedtime but then realising that not only will you disturb the person lying next to you (who is cu..

Why choose Little Lucy Willow?

At Little Lucy Willow, change is afoot. Over the past few months we have been working hard on our brand new website to make sure your shopping experience is a pleasurable one. All will be revealed very soon but in the mean time, I thought I would remind you what Little Lucy Willow is all about. Our website might be changing but our core values remain the same… Superior quality First and foremost, cheaper is most definitely not better and while everyone will tell you they ‘won’t be beaten on price’ we know that ‘we won’t be beaten on quality’. And that is a fact. We make our chi..

A good mattress means a good night’s sleep.

A good mattress means a good night’s sleep. I for one did NOT want to get up this morning. And it was nothing to do with that soiree I attended last night. Honestly. What is it about ice cold white wine on a warm spring evening…?   But you know, not wanting to get out of bed is a year-round thing I suppose, the kind that comes with the territory when you’ve got a wonderfully comfortable mattress too. As one of life’s luxuries, it’s a haven of calm and relaxation, but it’s also a necessity for the growing spines of our children.   If children don’t have adequate back support during their early years, it can result in aches an..

Sleep well, think better, work best.

As we are now in the thick of exam season spare a thought for all those teenagers thrust into the midst of a stressful few weeks – and spare a thought for their worried parents too. I remember it well, the late night cramming, followed by a fitful sleep, followed by very little breakfast followed by a sweat-inducing, head-exploding exam! It isn’t pleasant so whatever us parents can do to help must be done. We might not be able to write their essays for them, but we can help our teens get more sleep, which in turn will help them put in a better performance on the day. Not to men..
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